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How can we encourage more women to join tech?

From the perspective of a women in tech company, this month we decided to dive into the lack of female representation taking up tech-related roles. Women are less likely to pick tech related degrees which translates into the workforce. As a result many tech companies are majority male dominated.

From early education issues to gender misconceptions, why aren’t there more women in tech? Unfortunately women continue to be under-represented in the industry and are more likely to leave within a year compared to their male counterparts.
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According to a recent Women in Technology report from IDC, only 42% of women feel their employer offered equal pay, compared to 75% of men who feel the same.

Diversity is important

Diversity in the workplace is important and critical in tech. It is a hot topic in the industry, this is because it is discussed frequently- but there is a long way to go.

Diversity helps companies create better, safer working environment. Taking everyone and their opinions into consideration. It is known that diverse companies perform better, hire better, have more engaged employees. Along with retaining workers better than those companies that do not focus on diversity and inclusion. Despite this, as we have already stated women continue to remain widely underrepresented in IT roles.

An article from WOMEN IN IT reported 56% of women feel that women are underrepresented in STEM fields in their organisation compared to 26% of men. Women also feel that their workplace is more geared towards men (45%). There is a lack of support for women in STEM (33%) and that taking time off for family will impact their career opportunities (35%).

So what can be done?

Women in key senior leadership roles will positively encourage other women to join an organisation, that is supportive of advancing women’s careers.

The tech industry needs to encourage more women studying, working and sticking with tech skills. This will help to ensure there’s enough talent for the future. Getting more women into tech roles today can help break the cycle of a male dominated industry.

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We need focus on the next generation of tech talent to make a change in the industry. Gender equality exists for the good of everyone so more women in leadership roles and more encouragement at an early age for girls to support learning and development.

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