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Over the past year, many of us felt when waking up in the morning was a struggle. Life was just not exciting and we hoped to see light at the end of the tunnel.  As we got a grip with the UK’s third lockdown we searched for one thing: “motivation”. So the announcement this week from our PM was our Monday Motivation that there will be brighter days ahead. Did you miss the update-don’t worry click here

Back to work! Is this the end to remote working?

Workers are pledging for a split between home and office working post-pandemic. The average employee wants to work from home for around two-thirds of their working week, and spend around a third of their time working from the office. So the question is how do we achieve this? One area, there is always an opportunity to improve your organisations digital workplace, the intranet which supports good communication, collaboration, project management, continuous learning and culture. Your Intranet is a unique content provider in your company. You’ve got a captive audience right in front of you waiting yet, few employees will use the system if the content is not engaging or the system is too difficult to navigate. Developing an innovative Intranet can become the hub of your company’s internal communication.

There are a number of platforms available however, SharePoint is now the world’s most popular choice for intranets. The ability to integrate with other Microsoft tools, Yammer feeds, Teams spaces and OneDrive documents is straightforward and there are also exciting opportunities to intwine process improvement (Power Automate and Power BI). One of the most powerful capabilities of SharePoint is its flexibility and scalability. It’s used for intranets both by companies with 100 employees to 100,000 employees and supports a range of capabilities including internal communication, content services, collaboration, search & findability and more.

Basically intranets are about content, you can fully utilise your SharePoint for sophisticated content publishing and management to meet most of your needs around internal communications. Not only that SharePoint is extremely secure when it comes to accessing and sharing documents.
Microsoft have been and continue to be very active in investing in SharePoint with the development of modern experiences. Investing in SharePoint means an intranet that can evolve and improve with extra features and capabilities.

More than 200,000 organizations use SharePoint today and an extraordinary community of more than 50,000 partners and 1 million developers make up a $10 billion solutions ecosystem around SharePoint-Microsoft


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