The New Face of E & L Consultancy Group

We have been working hard the last few months and during that time one thing we did, we gave our website a little face lift. We have mentioned in previous posts that ‘a website is the shop front to your business’ so we addressed our shop front and contemplated if it really represents who we are.

First we transformed our website so all our digital content is accessible for the benefit of people with disabilities. Our values represent who we are as a company that’s why everyday we focus on doing what’s right for our customers to provide equal access to all.
Are clients are diverse and special to us, as we are a team of creative women in the tech industry we focus on bringing confidence, honesty, transparency to each and every project we commit to. Read what some of our clients are saying about us

So what has changed?

Well lets start off with the site, it is now clean with accessibility options on every page by clicking the accessibility icon located upper left on our site.

You can explore, navigation adjustment, colour adjustment, content adjustment etc. If you are wondering why we have spent time on improving this feature, it is important for our website be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. An accessible website can help people with disabilities participate more actively in society. The web is the most valuable resource available today. As such, it should be accessible to all people. Learn more about accessibility

Next we polished up our services we wanted to demonstrate how each of our services turn into solutions. We work with our customers as a team to achieve business objectives. We have spent a long time differentiating each service by making sure they clear and concise.

Wait there’s more…

Next we further developed the option for our customers to build a customised package if your business requires more than one service.

Stepping away from our services, we have included products which are available to purchase straight off the website. Such as hosting plans. Finding the right place to host your website can be a daunting task, especially as there are a number of reputable services out there. Often the worry is you might end up paying too much for things you don’t need or missing out on things that are vital to your business.

Our priortiy is to work closely with our partners to develop value for money host plans with 24/7 support line to work with you when choosing the product right need more info or do you need discuss what is the right plan you? Book a free consultation for one hour. It doesn’t take long!

We heavily considered the important component that your hosting service supports for migration. Whatever the reason you need to transfer your site we support transferring your website to or from another service. Our developers have experience designing on a variety of different CMS platforms available on the market therefore, we ensure you, with us you are not only limited to WordPress.  Regardless the popularity of WordPress we only pick what best suits your needs

We have developed additional products that are new to the business,

Tell us how we did, leave a comment we would love to hear your feedback! comments

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