Not tech savvy…

Is the demand to maintain an online presence overwhelming?

A question we are asked on a regular basis either from clients, friends or even family members is that they struggle with anything techy. So this can be anything from social media, setting up an online account or even online banking. Not everyone is tech savvy and there is still a generation that do not rely on the internet for everyday life. So, July blog we looked into why an online presence is important.

Life on the Internet

The Internet is now a significant part of the daily life of a modern person. The importance of the internet is accessing unlimited knowledge from multiple devices, getting whatever you need whenever you need it.
With the internet we can communicate in sync with another person. It allows people to create content, solve the problem, and communicate with each other, like virtual reality.

In this digital era creating an online presence is very important, not only for businesses but in everyday life. Various surveys and research have been conducted which identified almost more than half (59.5% of the global population) of the world’s population is on the internet. As we all know the internet is a great platform to market, influence, and share information or news. It’s amazing that we experience simply posting a video, which can reach thousands of people all over the internet anywhere in the world.

porfessional website

What about my online presence?

If your online presence is not that strong and only a handful of people know you and follow you. We have a few simple tricks and tips that will surely boost your online visiblity. Maybe you want reach a big audience but it does not seem to be going right. The reason might be your content or maybe you’re marketing yourself in the wrong way.

Social media is about showing who you are. Gaining followers can be easy however, maintaining it is not. The key is to be active and avoid talking about any complicated topics. Keep it short and direct. You should be able to work consistently and provide your audience with the content they desire. Also share your views on a particular topic, comment on videos, join the different platforms and express yourself. By doing this you will have the opportunity to interact with people and build your online network. For all this to work, you need to simply spend time on it!

From a business point of view, a professional website helps your customers to find you, get to know about you and your business and your services. Your website should gain customer trust and retention. Think about creating content such as, vidoes and embed them on your website to enhance SEO performance.

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