Increase Learning Engagement

Learning and Development play a key role in retaining and upskilling employees.

Educate Employees

Learning management systems are a superb tool to allow companies to provide employee training whenever or wherever they want, or as and when required. In the end the result should encourage learning and engagement at their own convenience. The performance and demand of LMS is increasing. That is why it is vital to choose the right platform. Research is it mobile responsive and user friendly. Most importantly does it support the learning process making it efficient and straightforward for employees.

Looking ahead, organisations are integrating LMS with HR systems. Mainly to equip organisations to automatically sync between their HR system and the learning platforms. Thus potentially, preventing errors and keeping data up to date and secure.

Go Phish with E & L Consultancy Group

E & L Consultancy Group’s Go Phish campaign is a great way to measure employee vulnerability to phishing attacks. Not only that but to test the effectiveness of your cyber security program.

Looking ahead at what comes next for you and your employees. Start creating learning modules on our very own EL LMS. Our LMS has two types of users, tutors and learners. However do not start feeling the pressure to start creating learning materials today! We have a library of core introductory learning modules on key Cyber Security topics to get started.

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