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Free Phishing Campaign

We are excited to offer and introduce our free Phishing Campaign. Our very own IT infrastructure Director has designed and created a realiable phishing software to test your employees. E & L Consultancy Group’s, Go Phish campaign is a great way to measure your employee’s vulnerability to phishing attacks. Not only that but test the effectiveness of your organisation’s cyber security program.

You will be pleased to hear, there are no commitments and very little set up is needed by you to get started. Our security consultants will set up a completely customised phishing campaign, tailored around real-life scenarios for a real-life experience. We do more than just send randomly generated emails and only start when you give us the go ahead.

To get started, all we will need is list of your employee email addresses its that simple! We promise that all email addresses will be handled with care, stored securely and will not be used for marketing purposes. After the campaign has been successfully sent, tracked and monitored, you will have full access to view a full report of your campaign results via a dashboard along access to our LMS Phishing training.

Why is the offer free?

Here at E & L Consultancy Group we are fully committed to cyber security and IT infrastructure. The majority of UK businesses now operate online in one way or another. Orgainsations without sufficient security infrastructure are vulnerable and need to train their employees to identify and prevent cyber threats.

Any businesses which do not qualify for our free phishing campaign, we will try our very best to accomodate a suitable option to help your business fight cyber-crime and to STAY SAFE ONLINE.

Go Phish, Free Phishing Campaign is subject to availablity, terms and condition

  • Free phishing tests for organisations with less than 200 employees.
  • By signing up for a free phishing campaign your primary site contact may receive information about related cyber security services.
  • One free phishing test per company. For recurring phishing campaigns please speak to a consultant for pricing per users.
  • Minimum 5 users per campaign.

Commitment to Excellence

Sign up for your first Free Phishing Campaign and be contacted by one of our consultants. Spend 20-30 minitues and tell us the nature of your organisation and we aim to answer any questions you may have before setting up your free campaign.

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