Benefits to E-Learning

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Training employees in the workplace no longer comes with a heavy price tag or loss of a days work. Learning and development has entered a new era. With growing technology services, employee training is now easily managed and can be delivered online. There’s simply never been a better time to train employees! So, putting an effective learning and development plan in place can make all of the difference in doing better work.

Not only does eLearning save your company money compared to instructor-led training. With the scalabity you can do so much more. There are major benefits for businesses to introduce eLearning to their employees, to name a few:

  • saving your company money,
  • reducing learning time,
  • varitey of topics in one portal,
  • fits to your employee’s flexible lifestyles,
  • it is scalable for any number of employees,
  • provides your employees and managers with timely feedback.
LMS and your workforce

Employee training and learning offers a great opportunity for teams to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace. We have supported many organisations with the transition to remote working during Covid-19 and continue to support orgainsations with topics related to cyber security. This training develops employee awareness on how to stay safe online. The reality is that most businesses have some weaknesses in their workplace. Our LMS portal contains ready made learning modules for your workforce. So, a quick sign up registration start learning today.

It is valuable to maintain a structured learning and development program to ensure that employees have a consistent learning experience and correct background knowledge. The consistency is particularly significant for your company’s basic policies and procedures. Therefore, providing employees with regular training not only with company policies but GDPR requirements and cyber security training will ensure that everyone has up to date exposure to the material and results are easily accessed.

As mentioned earlier eLearning can save your company money and making the switch can also lead to huge savings for your employee’s time. The flexibility of eLearning’s greatest benefits is that it is available 24/7 to complete trainig assigned to for an increasingly global and remote workforce. Your employees get to access training when they have the time and capability to do so, no matter where they are. Online training offers self-paced learning to fit individual schedules and preferences.

The LMS has an array of funtionalities

What is not often considered with instructor-led teaching, is different people learn in different ways. Your team can pause a video, rewind or watch again as much as they need to. The good thing about LMS online training is that you don’t have to limit yourself to one type of training content, by presenting your content in a variety of formats. This can be text, videos, images, or audio files created in your LMS so people can explore the formats that speak the most to them creating a unquie and memorable user experience.

The Next Step for Your Business

In house employee training has repeatedly proven to have real benefits for businesses which should no be ignored. If you’re part of an organisation which is considering or planning to create a learning portal there is NO better time than now to get started. Enjoy the benefits of training and development with E & L Consultancy Group LMS training portal.  To a preview of our LMS portal in action contact us to request a demo.

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