Cyber Security Year 2020

April Issue

Your Data Is Important


What is a privacy policy?


Data protection risks working from home


As internet users, there are a few unavoidable habits; Shopping online, Subscribing to a website or just simply browsing online. In doing so we are occasionally asked to agree to the terms of use, read the notice and a privacy policy. Even though these announcements are on virtually every website the problem the majority of us face is; it is too lengthy to read, we don’t have the time or we don’t want to read it and most importantly we don’t actually understand the jargon of the agreement or the privacy policy.

As a result of this many of us simply just tick the box, avoid reading and continue on. The understanding to what we are checking is misconstrued in regards to the privacy policy and what will happen with the information submitted to the website.

The main issue here is a majority of the internet users do not take the time to read the privacy policy and how personal information maybe used, even perhaps in ways that you do not agree with.

In addition many do not seem to understand that the privacy policy is in fact an important document. It is used to protect customers and companies.

It is the organisations responsibility to demonstrate lawfully the processing of personal information, only holding what is necessary and is securely stored.

Privacy policies on various websites are written to inform the visitors on how organisations websites intend to protect their users privacy often, users are concerned about entering in their personal information on websites because of the fear that their private information is going to be given to third parties, or even worse, that the website is not going to protect additional personal information such as payment details which can result in exposure to identity theft.

Therefore, as a user of a website it is important to have a basic understanding of what is a privacy policy, what it is supposed to do and what it is not.

As a company it is important that you understand your own privacy policy so that your customers will feel comfortable and without it being difficult understand.


As the world continue to adapt to the outbreak of Covid-19, whilst individual safety is at the top of the countries priorities, working remotely has become something of the norm. Business owners and employees must be aware of the safety of their data during this crisis.

Home-working employees may have security software installed at a device level, however organisations encouraging employees to work from home should provide device encryption and firewalls or check other devices being used are meeting the security requirements.

Organisations should have an IT policy, as part of this policy employees should also ensure any required updates are preformed regularly.
Ensure measures are in place to monitor the security of a network (or maybe require sourcing a additional software) this will help to identify any potential threats. Keeping network security to a maximum will help to continue to keep cybercriminals out.

Working from home is a very different setup to the office environment, family members, flatmates and even pets can pose a data security risk that may not have been considered, therefore, any phone calls or online team meetings should be kept confidential and not overheard particularly if the work being discussed is business-critical or sensitive. Ensure the user is the only one who can see the screen and if for any reason it is necessary to take personal data home, this should be stored in a lockable storage unit. Do not leave any paperwork in a vehicle or lying around in the home, it must be locked away securely at all times.

For further guidance visit or arrange a call with a Data Protection Officer.


When it comes to creating a privacy policy (any company policy) we create a policy that encourages trust between your organisation and your users.
We aim to make your users feel comfortable and confident in your privacy policy. Our mission is to support all business sizes with the wider topics on Data Protection requirements.

Long term – our goal is to provide an audit, a data breach risk assessment and more to identify data security difficulties. Our team will work with you to find the right balance between your business objectives, legal obligations and IT support.