Many of us enjoy sending positive vibes and wishing people a happy new year however, have you ever wondered when is the appropriate time to stop saying ‘Happy New Year’? This thought briefy crossed our minds but since this is our first update for the new year its only right to start by saying a heartfelt ‘Happy New Year’ to all our readers.

This year will be the 3rd birthday of GDPR however, the world of data protection has not yet settled. In fact  there are still many areas of confusion for organisiations which suggests that 2021 maybe a particularly busy year- we know it will be for our team.
We came accross this a great Q & A article from an expert on the subject we hope you enjoy reading too. GDPR – Your questions answered on Data Protection Day

Are Home workers at risk of GDPR fines

Many Brits are working from home due to government restrictions, but just how many home workers are potentially breaking confidentiality rules by printing documents at home?

According to Go Shred, 66% of home workers have printed work related documents since they began working from home, averaging at 5 documents every week. It has been suggested home workers have potentially printed an average of 2202 confidential documents to date.

However what is printed at home potentially a data breach risk of GDPR rules? The top five items home workers admit to printing at home are:

  1. Meeting notes/agendas (42%)
  2. Internal documents including procedure manuals (32%)
  3. Contracts and commercial documents (30%)
  4. Receipts/expense forms (27%)
  5. Industry related copy (e.g. press release/brochure copy/articles/student work to proof) (24%)

 Go Shred questioned further the home working Brits on their knowledge of GDPR regulations. Surprisingly, 41% are aware of the GDPR rules and regulations around printing confidential documents related to work outside the workplace, but felt they have no other alternative other than to print due to the nature of their work obligations. Read more for full result breakdown.

Mike Cluskey, Managing Director at Go Shred said, “Printing any documentation which includes personal information about employees or potential employees is high risk activity as should this information get into the wrong hands, it could be used to impersonate someone.

If you need GDPR support visit ICO or email us today!

Brexit: new rules are here

Use the Brexit tracker to get a list of actions for your business!

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